Welcome to the 2013 Season of Football With the Fat Guys!
   2013 Season, Episode 2

Howdy everyone. Here is Episode 2 of our show for the 2013 season. As you may know, we no longer do a weekly show due to time constraints. We will do another episode in a few weeks. Hope you enjoy this one. Cheers!

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Post date:10/14/2013
   2013 Season, Episode 1

Happy 2013 football season all. Here is episode 1 of our show for this season. It is our preview show. New this year, we will only be doing a show every 4 to 5 weeks. The shows will be a little longer, but, we will have more guests and much more fun. Hope you enjoy this show, and stay with us for our journey through the 2013 season. Have a great season everyone.

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Livin’ life, lovin’ food, talkin’ football, Football with the Fat Guys is a weekly lighthearted look at football, game-day foods, and a little pop culture. The show is a 1-hour podcast that is built to become a nationwide, phone-driven, multiple hour talk show. Jimmy and Mike, following their graduation from broadcasting school, formed Football with the Fat Guys in the fall of 2006. Originally, just a broadcasting demo, Football with the Fat Guys is an ever-evolving project which Jimmy and Mike are working tirelessly to make their career.

This is not your run of the mill podcast, this is not your
know-it-all, talking head sports show, but Football with the Fat Guys do know their stuff. Professionally produced, Football with the Fat Guys adhere to FCC public broadcast standards but the conversation is never too stuffy. Football with the Fat Guys is more like you and your buddies talking sports over a beer. This is a culmination of years of hard work, long nights, and great friendships. This is Football with the Fat Guys.
The Football with the Fat Guys Show's Fantasy Football League is sponsored by,
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Scouting was one of Jimmy's favorite things to do as a child and teenager...
"Scouting was one of the few things that I embraced as a kid. I loved everything about it... even the 10+ mile hikes... that is where I got my SCUBA certification! High Adventure in the Keys of Florida. If I remember correctly, it was called Sea-Base. Summer camps to Order of the Arrow. Learning how do work with a group as well as being able to teach and lead. Scouting now has evolved a bit since I was in the program. The Scouting program now has SEA Scouts and Adventure Scouts... boys and girls are accepted into those programs. Check out the link below. Join Scouting. I would do it again!"

"Although I joke about my adoption constantly on stage and on the show, It was the most tremendous gift ever given to me... a chance and loving parents. I truly support the Dave Thomas Foundation and all their work. Please take a minute to check out the site. And if you know anyone that has been thinking of adoption, please tell them about the Dave Thomas Foundation too." ~~ Jimmy Z


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